All college students have to write a great variety of academic papers of all types. Essays are the most popular pieces of writing. They all are different and have different purposes. Many students fail right in the beginning. They seem not to know how to start writing an essay. Accordingly, we have prepared for them a useful guide to avoid paying for essay writing from scratch. If you follow our steps online, you have a great chance to write like a professional essay writer!

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Clarify All the Guidelines

First, you should not be hasty! You ought to understand what must be done. Many students were too self-confident, and it turned out that they messed up the demands of their teachers. Do not repeat that mistake and consult your teacher. Make sure you clearly understand the purpose of your essay and ask for a piece of advice about the topic.

Choose a Relevant Topic

Your second move is to find a good topic to cover. It should suit certain demands. A good topic is supposed to:

  • Be relevant;
  • Focus on an interesting issue;
  • Be informative and useful;
  • Grab the attention of potential readers.
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Brainstorm the chosen direction and narrow it. Write down all the concepts and ideas related to the anticipated topic. You will not be able to cover a broad topic in one standard essay. For example:

  • A too broad topic: The Development of Technology.
  • A narrow topic: The Development of Technology in the USA.

Thanks to narrowing the topic, you will focus on a certain area of the vast direction. Make sure it is relevant to your readers, and you find enough data. You may even use professional writing help. It is offered by special services. A highly reputed paper writing service has hundreds of experts with in-depth knowledge and advanced skills. They will help to generate relevant topics in any subject if they are required.

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Find the Evidence

Before you begin to write, research the topic. You ought to be 100% confident that you have enough data to fully disclose the selected issue. Oftentimes, students thought they found a good topic, which will be interesting for others. Nonetheless, they could not find enough evidence to explain it and offer a clear solution. Attentively research the topic and use only trustworthy sources of information:

  • Scientific articles;
  • Surveys;
  • Studies;
  • Encyclopedias;
  • Almanacs, etc.

Be Organized

You are supposed to be a fast writer and planner. You will save heaps of precious time if you create a good outline. It will take into account all your steps and things required to fulfill them. Make sure your outline includes:

  • All stages – preliminary, writing, and revision.
  • Writing and research tools – laptop, pens, pencils, paper, notebook, grammar checker, etc.
  • Deadlines – make sure they are realistic!
  • Research methods and so on.
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Write a Few Original Sentences

Some students get overwhelmed with their essays and may meet the so-called writer’s block. It is the stage that can appear even at the beginning, and a writer may not be able to move on. Therefore, you may try to write 3-5 sentences that may be related to your topic. Perhaps they will help to get how to continue.

Start with a Thesis Statement

It may be better to begin your story with the creation of a good thesis statement. It is the central idea of the entire essay, and it will give the push to develop the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Build the whole text around your thesis. Make sure your thesis statement suits all the requirements. It should be:

  • Strong;
  • Readable;
  • Straight to the point;
  • Clear;
  • Informative.
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Use Writing Apps

There is nothing wrong with using special learning tools. They are very helpful because they fulfill many functions, such as checking grammar, generating topics, and so on. Accordingly, youngsters save precious time and learn some useful tips and tricks. The most popular apps and software for learners are:

  • Topic generators;
  • Grammar checkers;
  • Editors;
  • Organizes;
  • Citation generators;
  • Plagiarism checkers.

Some learning tools can be used for the beginning of your essay. First of all, make use of any topic generator. If you lack good ideas, write at least one word for your essay and check the variations that will be suggested by the generator.

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Another appropriate tool is a digital organizer, such as Evernote. It fulfills the next functions:

  • Set deadlines;
  • Create tasks with descriptions;
  • Taking notes;
  • Make screenshots;
  • Sharing with friends.

Get Rid of Distractions

Oftentimes, students aren’t able to begin their essays because of other things or people. If some people around you are noisy, talk to them and explain that you need silence. Make sure you keep away from the next typical forms of distraction:

  • Playing video games;
  • Watching TV;
  • Surfing the Internet;
  • Chatting with friends;
  • Talking on the phone, etc.

Consider Professional Aid

At times, the lack of ideas, strengths, or time can make students use academic writing help. It’s alright because a skilled writer can help to overcome your writing issues. If you don’t know how to start an essay, he/she will provide you with good tips and recommendations. The experts easily handle any essay type, as well as other academic papers. You may count on help with:

  • Writing;
  • Editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Generating topics;
  • Researching, etc.
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Mind that professional aid is pretty cheap and some conditions are offered for free!

Be Positive

Finally, you should turn on a positive mode. If you are enthusiastic about what you write, you will easily start and finish your essay. Surround yourself with something that motivates you and keeps your spirits high.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the issue of starting a college essay correctly can be easily solved. All you need to do is to follow our smart tips. No matter what essay type and topic you write, our tips will suit them all to bring you success.

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