Unquestionably, technology continues to develop at a fast rate. Thus, digital marketers need to keep up with the changing times and maintain awareness of the latest technological trends to be at par with their competitors. When it comes to web designs, this fact remains. Changes occur just as quickly, where many web design features that were once innovative are considered outdated and uninteresting. Whatever online business it is, a website would be at a clear disadvantage if it does not attract prospective clients, because it no longer lives up to the standards of modern technology.

Presently, many business owners know that a well-designed website is essential since an online presence can go either way- up or down. Small-scale or start-up businesses that have limited budgets or are not as savvy about technical skills, developing a professional website may appear a daunting task. In the same token, outdated websites need to be re-evaluated and re-designed, preferably by a reputable Minneapolis web designcompany. Challenging as it may be, it is crucial to have a good web design. It must be one that provides the best user experience for potential customers, generate leads, and boost conversions.

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A company’s website design is crucial because users are interested in design. Like it or not, everyone is attracted to visuals and is not unexpectedly attracted to appealing designs. According to studies, users tend to form an opinion about a business quite quickly, depending on the visuals they see. A poorly-designed website discourages them from using it further. A user’s first impression always counts, and the design of a website can either create a positive impression or make them leave the page. Thus, a poorly-designed website does not only impact the credibility of the company, but it also keeps potential customers away. They would much rather visit a site that has an appealing design and make a company miss out on opportunities to make any conversions. To increase a web design’s conversion rate, here are 7 ways to achieve it.

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1. Optimize website speed

One of the most essential factors to consider when it comes to conversion-based web design is its loading speed. Research shows that a second’s delay in the site’s loading time can significantly affect conversions, meaning each second is crucial. Users are impatient especially when it comes to getting the information they need. The delay is a frustrating experience and prompts users to look for other options. Whether you are talking about SEO or the experience of a user, website speed is crucial now as it always was. It should be a priority for any website design to take it into serious consideration. If there are any issues regarding the loading speed of a site, addressing them immediately is a must. Checkout the top photo editor tool.

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2. Optimize for mobile devices

With the massive number of users using mobile devices for various purposes, it is no wonder that a mobile-optimized web design handled by a quality Minneapolis web design company is the best option for business owners. A website that is optimized for mobile devices means creating a miniature version of the site. Everything that users see on the page when using their desktops or laptops must be just as visible on their mobile devices. From text content to images and videos, users should have the same experience on their mobile devices. And because they have their mobile phones with them everywhere they go, they can easily access a website, gain information, and be converted to paying customers.

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3. Improve readability

For people to recognize a brand and trust it, they should first be able to read its content. The content’s design should not be challenging for users to scan. Readability can be achieved by picking out professional but simple fonts, allowing ample space in between each of the lines so that skimming through them is uncomplicated. Many users typically skim through lines instead of going through each word. Because of this, most business owners choose to be straightforward with their approach. If not, users can lose interest in the site and not bother to read its content.

4. Use videos

Many web designs are now veering towards videos for content. Videos are proven to be effective in capturing the attention of users and engaging them. They are an efficient means of sharing information and describing the products or services offered by a company. Introducing the brand is simplified in a dynamic method, and potential customers know a lot more about what benefits they can get from purchasing products or services through videos. The landing page is a web page designed specifically to sell the company’s products. Most businesses used text or infographics to attract users to the site. Nowadays, a more popular and appealing method for users to visit a site is to create a video landing page instead, which has increased conversions by a large margin.

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5. Offer refund guarantees

Consumers are more attracted to products that offer a money-back guarantee. The psychology behind it is that a company trusts its products enough to be bold in refunding unsatisfied customers. Consumers are always afraid to take risks for the money they spend. They want to ensure that they get their money’s worth. With this kind of offer, they find it easier to make their purchases, knowing that they can always get their money back in case they are not happy with what they bought.

6. Use of stimulating colors

Colors can prompt certain emotions from people. They have an impact on how people think or behave, which has made many business owners utilize them for website design. The colors should be those that complement the company’s brand. They should also be picked very carefully for the site to attract the response they want to elicit from consumers.

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7 Offer customer support in real time

A web design that offers customer support in real-time is a must for any business website. This is because it allows business owners to understand their customers more and make improvements on website issues that affect user experience. Successful businesses provide chatbots to take care of customer queries immediately. From a user’s perspective, customer support helps them get whatever information they need in real-time and makes their experience on the site more pleasant.

Conversions are vital for a business to succeed. When a website has been professionally designed by experts from a reputable Minneapolis web design company, a company’s conversion rate can significantly increase.

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