The final look of your earrings gets affected by the type of hairstyle you choose to do. Hairstyle plays an essential role in deciding whether your earrings would stand out or just become a part of your day’s accessory. People often become ignorant about such little details but how you’ll look after putting everything together depends on the efforts you have taken to improve such little details. Once you polish the skill of pairing your earrings with the right hairstyle, the chances that you’ll mess up with the final look are negligible. Here are a few tips on what earrings go well with what type of earrings.

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Hair let down- This type of hairstyle often takes away all the attention from your earrings. Irrespective of your hair length, let-down hair distracts the look of your earrings. If you are opting for such a hairstyle, make sure that you go for minimal earrings. Gold stud earrings or small rings are suitable for let-down hair as they accessorize enough without making the final look seem gaudy. If you go for bold earrings with this hairstyle the chances are high that they’ll get hidden behind the hair and be of no use.


Hair up-dos Girl, if you want to go for bold and classy big earrings then this hairstyle is best suited for you. Hair up-do ensure that there is enough space left for you to experiment with accessories for your ear, neck, shoulders, etc. If you desire to wear heavy earrings yet want to maintain a refined look then this hairstyle should be your go-to. This way your hair won’t steal any attention from your heavy earrings and provide a classy and bold look.

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Ponytail- Women’s earrings work well with a simple ponytail. If you prefer a high ponytail then hoops or earring cuffs will be a perfect match. Such synchronicity creates a lot of drama without making them look tacky. However, if you prefer a low ponytail then small studs or huggies should be your choice. You can also stack up multiple earrings with a lower ponytail. The combination of ponytail and earrings works best to create a casual office or day-to-day look.


Stylish buns– Buns provide a lot of space between your ears and shoulders for you to utilize with perfect statement earrings. This combination is perfect for weddings or other festivities. Statement earrings grab all the attention and elevate the look of your face. If you want to flaunt your luxurious high-end earrings then prefer to blend them with a stylish bun. This way neither your hair nor earrings would lose their individuality yet complement each other to create a refined look.

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Side-swept hair– If you want to highlight a certain profile of your face then side-swept hair is for you. Though this hairstyle provides full attention to one of your ears, try not to pair it with heavy earrings as it may give a garish look. Instead, accessorize with drop earrings to create an overall elegant and polished look. Drop earrings are available in various colors so you get the added benefit of choosing the color that syncs perfectly with your outfit.



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