These days most of the people can been seen through social media by using digital marketing strategy to get all the latest update quick. Digital marketing is the quickest tool to promote something and spread in masses to target the audience. Digital marketing agency is also taking care of their customers by providing their related information through social media to attract mass audience.

Digital marketing agency and their marketing team are spending massive efforts to formulate well – structured strategies so that they can get the audience to see whatever they are looking for.  Social media is only common tool through which each one can directly link to the audience and can share anything they want to share. Everyone utilising social media in big way. Many people enhance their skills in different- different fields and shared their story through digital marketing.

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The shift to the digital medium is used to promote themselves and reach out masses if anything is important and new in an effective way to engage with the audience and building stronger bond or connection with them. The best way of using the social media through digital marketing is that it can easily measure the effectiveness of the strategy and the performance of the people and this will help the experts of digital marketing to decide future strategies so that they can reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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COVID-19 came as unseen and unknown invisible enemy through which humans are fighting throughout the world. COVID-19 that is coronavirus is spreading everywhere and taking many lives away. Nobody is able to find out exact what is it and how it is curable. Started from Wuhan market of China and spreading in almost every countries of the world. This is the very new pandemic on which very few scientific materials are available. In this paper, we will discuss and highlight role of healthcare professionals during this pandemic, how healthcare people are giving their life to save others life and facing this serious virus daily. Many of doctors, workers and nurses lost their life because of COVID-19.

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WHO an organisation of health who looks after world health. Also known as World Health Organisation who declared COVID-19 a Pandemic. The Government, researchers and healthcare professional are doing their best to deal with this and putting equal efforts to find out its prevention, treatment, remedy and how to stop it for further expansions in human body.

India has acknowledged the effect of feared viral infection & has inveterate few cases throughout the country. Highest of the cases have history of latest travel abroad. Indian Medical Association is doing their professional work that is guiding the situations.  IMA announced the well-developed instructions for peoples of the country. IMA team is continuously monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation in the country. They have also started 24*7 helpline for people. IMA doctors are the devoted specialists in the field of medicine & are up-to-date on developments and management guidelines.  They are ready to face any challenges and very united. They are maintaining safety and well-being of community and our country.  While every people of nation are advised to stay home and take precaution but the doctors are always on the field fighting for it and saving life’s. They are serving above themselves and always ready serve the country and protecting people. IMA is very proud of doctors and hospitals who are standing together and fighting against these viruses.  Digital marketing is a powerful tool PPC agencies are handling PPC, which helps to generate quality leads.

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Digital marketing can be a powerful booster for the health care in Covid 19 era by spreading information related through digital marketing about the healthcare and boosting this sector through various modes. Such as-

  • Website has become one of the most premium way to communicate about the healthcare practices and hospitals for promoting many things so people can get aware of the facts and undergoing things. For example, there are pages with all the details about the COVID -19 and they are updating date by day.
  • There is also a app named by ‘Aarogya Setu’ which carry all the details about your health and surrounding so you can become safe and healthy in this pandemic also. So this is also a main way of digital marketing for spreading the knowledge of the COVID -19
  • There are also advertising mode through which we can spread about the COVID-19 through search engine optimization through digital marketing that will grow on ongoing basis. The digital marketing came with healthcare SEO with website improvements and do follow the traditional advertising to reach maximum audience and spread awareness about COVID-19. For example, WHO is doing.
  • Healthcare have also come with reputation marketing management and social media monitoring program and digital marketing has enhanced the healthcare reputation during COVID-19 and its going till now.
  • Healthcare also came with paid search marketing through digital marketing to boost this sector and run the business in a well optimized way for the paid search campaigns. the demand though less as people only click those links which the service they are looking for but in COVID -19 these paid search marketing strategy boosted healthcare sector as it is able to make people to click at every links related to healthcare which give them information about COVID-19.
  • Many of patients and prospective clients are searching answer related to COVID-19. Thus, it is through digital marketing they are able to do organic free social media search so that they get the content related to that and resolve the healthcare problems. And in today reality technological information is much faster and easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is digital marketing which boosted healthcare through this way.
  • Digital marketing also came with paid display advertising and paid social media strategy and boosted healthcare department too by providing healthcare marketing and COVID webinar to mass people through online which is featured through You tube and featuring more about the healthcare success on You Tube, Spotify, Pandora etc. and it make lot of sense.
  • Digital marketing has become one tool to educate the public in masses. Thus, in COVID-19 era it has become one of the important tool as people are lockdown for many days and they have only one things to get awareness and knowledge about COVID-19 that is digital marketing through which healthcare is able to respond and spread awareness among the people and this make the healthcare boosted much through digital marketing.
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COVID-19 that is coronavirus declared as pandemic which is very serious and harmful virus spreading like fire all over the world. Started from Wuhan market of China and spreads everywhere and harmed many lives. People are scared and taking prevention measures. Hospitals and healthcare professionals are in front to fight this virus and save lives. They are our superheroes who are spending their lives to save else lives. Their roles and responsibilities is crucial and important. It’s our duty to understand it and take prevention measures for our safety as well as surroundings. Everyone is aware of this situation and it is very dangerous and have to fight with it. We must follow all safety measure and make sure to make others as well to spread this virus. All instructions and guidelines must be followed to cure yourself and save yourself from this issue.

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Try to stay at home as much as you and avoid to contacts any outsider. It is the best thing you can easily do and suggest your love ones not to go out for any work until and unless it is not so much important. Make sure that you have all your protection while going out and while buying the things as you have to take all the precautionary measures like washing and sanitizing the things.  Social media is a powerful tool through which one connect with entire world. During lockdown it has given new life to everyone whether its celebrity or normal people to make them engage and get all important information.  Therefore, every sector came through digital marketing strategy to reach out the audience quickly and digital marketing agency well used social media platform to highlight and promote every sector and products and services, information etc. in many ways and make it possible to reach everywhere through social media during lockdown. So, it is found that digital marketing is becoming one of the best way to boost the knowledge about surrounding and ongoing trends in the market. We have seen that digital media marketing is also played a keen importance in spreading things about COVID 19 and the healthcare about things. We have also discussed about all the important facts regarding spread of the COVID 19 and its healthcare and growth as well as downfall of it. So we can say that in this era digital market is one of the best thing to do any communication and details for promoting and spreading of any new trend in the market.

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