With the pandemic restrictions lifting in Bangalore and across India, people have again started planning their vacations to ease their minds and put their souls at ease. However, travelling norms post-pandemic have changed entirely. Now, you would see more people booking private taxis via a cab booking app rather than public transport and focusing more on quick weekend getaways rather than long vacations.


Here are some latest travel trends that every person must remain aware of to plan the perfect trip post-COVID.


Increase in domestic bookings


With the revocation in international flight bookings, owing to the increasing Covid cases, there is a rise in domestic travel bookings in India. In addition, Indian travellers are now looking for experiences that will allow them to reconnect with family and friends.

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Whether a staycation, workcation, or a weekend getaway, tourists now gravitate towards richer and immersive experiences that allow them to explore, connect and unwind. More and more individuals, therefore, will like travel that offsets their itinerary with a laid-back pace offering them the time to explore more while reducing the anxiety of running around many locations to tick the boxes.


Unique travel experiences


Staying locked up inside the houses for almost two years, people are keen to experience fulfilling travel adventures to break away from the Covid monotony. In addition, travellers are now keen to explore quick getaways that are a drive away from their hometown. Also, there is a rising interest in travel adventures that offer affordability and are off-the-beaten-track. In fact, with the increase of the hybrid working model, individuals are experimenting with their work environments by travelling to new places and opting for work-cations to ease a lack of spirit and boredom.

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Contactless Travel


This new travel trend is set to become a norm, and travellers are now shifting towards contactless travel. From contactless check-in at hotels and airports to ordering meals and beverages and concierge assistance at hotels online, contactless services are becoming the standard more than an exception.


Need for eco-friendly travel options


Considering the recent pandemic, travelers now shifted towards more eco-friendly travel alternatives. More tourists now take a keen interest in understanding the information on carbon emissions and how to neutralize them to make their journeys more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Now that the COVID restrictions have been released and the holiday season is arriving soon, planning a quick weekend getaway in and around Bangalore will refresh your senses. So why wait? Rent a car in Bangalore and get going.

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